Enrollment Application

We are excited that you are interested in having your pup join in on the fun here at The Good Life. We are currently accepting applications for enrollment.

Please complete the application form. You can complete it online or bring in a printed copy to our office. Once you have completed the form, we'll call you to schedule an interview. Please complete a separate application for each dog.

At The Good Life it is important that all dogs are healthy and safe. Please keep in mind:

  • We'll need proof of Rabies, DHPP, Bordetella and Canine Influenza vaccines, along with a clean fecal plus Giardia report from your vet before our meet and greet.

  • All dogs must be vaccinated for Bordetella at least 1 week prior to visiting us.

  • All dogs attending daycare or boarding must be seven months or older and be spayed/neutered.

You can contact your veterinarian for proof current vaccinations and have them emailed to: info@thegoodlifedogdaycare.com

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